New Netflix Internet Speed Test Tool

A New Internet Speed Test Tool from Netflix

Do you ever feel like your internet is slower than it should be? Well Netflix they have just launched By using the same servers that distribute movies and TV shows, they’ve created an internet speed tool that you can use for free at It will tell you exactly what your current internet speed is.

Yes, is actually free with no membership or login required. It works for mobile or broadband internet connections. It’s also available to be used anywhere in the world which is pretty cool.

With think internet speed testers can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, this is site makes checks really easy.
The process is pretty straightforward. You simply put the URL address into your browser window then it will shortly tell you the speed of your connection.

Why Does My Internet Speed Change?

Internet speeds can change from location to location, for two main reasons, internet congestion and an overload of users at that time, in that place.

As experts in the field, Netflix also has tools for other aspects of your internet speed. But this one is completely unique to anything they’ve offered before.

Maybe you’ve used the controls for cellular data or monthly streaming rate — online gamer‘s know the value of a solid internet speed test! If so you’ll know that there are never many bugs and there is always a keen simplicity in use. I think it’s great that a company with such potential server power is constantly striving to bring new products to market without charging us an arm and a leg.

With that in mind, I wonder what will be next? Maybe they can make the speed test even faster. As I’m not a programmer I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.