Internet Gaming with WiFi

Online Gaming Guide -WiFi

If you game online, and want connect to the internet using WiFi, you’ll want to know what to look for in a wireless router.

There isn’t anything fun about dealing with a slow router, and gaming should be fun! Investing in the right router will help you get the most from your internet connection. WiFi, is inherently slower than a direct connection LAN connection. If you’re looking for a great router for gaming, you’ll need speed and reliability. WiFi routers have come a long way, and they’re actually closing the gap on traditional wired connections, making internet gaming more accessible than ever.

Internet Gaming WiFi Routers

802.11G – Wireless G

A Wireless G Router has a maximum transfer rate of 54mbps and operates on an unregulated 2.4GHz frequency range. Wireless G is susceptible to interference, but’s it’s backward compatible with wireless B devices. This is the lowest common denominator, and should probably be avoided.

802.11N – Wireless N

Wireless N routers have a theoretical transfer rate of 300mbps with 2 antennas. If the router has 3 antennas, it should be capable of speeds up to 450mbps. It’s likely that speeds will actually fall a bit closer to 130mbps or less, unless certain configurations and conditions are met — it’s a little out of the scope of this post. Wireless N routers can operate at both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and utilize multiple signals (Multiple In – Multiple Out… or MIMO). Wireless N is a much better choice for gaming, although it may require additional set up.

802.11AC – Wireless AC

Wireless AC is the next big standard. The standard is quite finalized yet, but there are a lot of wireless AC routers currently available.  It is expected to be finalized in 2014.  You might see wireless AC referred to as Gigabit WiFi (1Gbps… 1 GigaBit Per Second). You will have a stronger signal strength than Wireless N, and greater coverage area.  Wireless AC is the best choice for internet gaming.